Songs from the Musical Sung by...
Act 1
1. Prologue
Grandfather & the River Maidens
2. Everything is Gonna be All Right
Diamond & Sara (his mother)
3. Sweeping the Cobwebs from the Sky
North Wind, Gusty (North Wind’s Viking assistant) & Diamond
4. Hell's Kitchen
Tess (a street urchin), Diamond & homeless street people
5. Too Much is Never Enough
Tobias Blunt & his henchmen
6. At the Back of the North Wind
North Wind, Diamond & River Maidens
7. Intuition
Gusty, Diamond & River Maidens
Act 2
8. Take a Ride!
Mac McNally (manager of carriage stables),the cabbies & their families
9. Lost Time
Mac & Sara
10. A Nickel in My Pocket/
Nip Him in the Bud
Diamond, Old Diamond (his talking horse), Tobias Blunt, henchmen & tourists
11. It's What You Do for Christmas
Diamond, carriage cabbies & tourists
12. Save the Horses!
Mac, Sara, Diamond, Tess & Company
13. Just This Once
Diamond, Tess, Mac, Sara & Company
Singers: Bob Barth (Cabbie, Henchman), Raissa Katona Bennett (Sara), Terry Brock ("At the Back of the North Wind"), Michael Devries (Gusty, Mac - "Save the Horses!"), Sarah Gafgen (Tess - "Just This Once"), Jill Geddes (North Wind, Tess - "Hell's Kitchen"), Noah Galvin (Diamond), Sam Scalamoni (Cabbie), Timothy Shew (Mac - "Take a Ride!" & "Lost Time", Gusty - "Sweeping the Cobwebs from the Sky", Cabbie, Henchman), Stuart Zagnit (Blunt), and the authors.